United Catalyst Corporation is one of North America’s premiere processors of scrap catalytic converters. The company offers assay-based recycling, paying on the precious metals determined though sampling and laboratory analysis. It is the creator of Converter IDentification (CID) Systems™. CID Systems™ is both a recycling program and a pricing solution.  It’s ultimate goal is to process, test, and refine all scrap catalytic converters by make/model and VIN, returning true value and true market pricing for this commodity to the recycler.

Our Story

The company is privately held and started in 1991 as Cat Recycling. In 1993, United Catalyst Corporation was formed as a consolidator to service both recyclers and scrap catalytic converter collectors. In 1999, United Catalyst Corporation became a full-service processor, preparing spent automotive catalyst for refining. Today, United Catalyst Corporation exists to maximize the sale of the catalyst and PGMs (Platinum Group Metals) for  recyclers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).