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What You Can Expect From Us

Ships Easily.

Shipping is easy – Package your load in Gaylord boxes on pallets, order a pick-up online or by phone. Then, we will send you the Bill of Lading and Shipping Labels. When your load arrives, we will send you a delivery confirmation with pictures of each box.

Get Paid Quickly.

You can choose to take an advance payment within the first 5 days of arrival or wait for payment in 30 – 45 business days when the results of your assay test are final.

Trusted Results.

Our process of de-canning, milling, and sampling is exemplary – all weights in and out are balanced. And the assay results you are paid on are verified by the world’s best refining companies.

What Your Peers Are Saying

Multi-Site Recycling Facility, East North Central

“We have been extremely pleased with the consistent returns we have received doing business with UCC over the past two plus years. They have worked with us to maximize our returns by hedging our converter commodities. I would recommend them to anyone in the recycling business.”

Automotive Recycling: Full-Serve, Mountain Region

“We were a little sceptical when we were first approached about selling our converters to United Catalyst. There are a lot of converter buyers and they will all tell you how good they are. We have been very impressed with their straight forward honest approach and after selling to them for about 5 years we plan to continue to do so.”

Scrap Metal Recycling Facility, East South Central

“In our 40 years of business these are the most helpful people that we have done business with. Any questions that we have had they have always answered. Any problems have always been taken care of. And their on time payment can not be beat!”

Multi-Site Recycling Facility, East North Central

“UCC is Super transparent and will always take the time to make sure you are educated on your assay and the markets.”

Scrap Metal Recycling Facility, South Atlantic

“Thank you for your service and commitment to my company.”

Proud Members of Your Industry