A Process You Can Trust.

How much money do you want from your
catalytic converters?

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The 4Ps of Catalytic Converter Recycling Profitability

A Process You Can Trust.

How much money do you want from your catalytic converters?

Your answer should be, all of it.


A Program You Can Trust.

What Assay-Based program benefits will you get as a recycler?

Scientific Results & Higher Returns


A Partner You Can Trust.

Are you still selling a catalytic converter with the value unknown?

We find actual value of the precious metals inside.


The Power of Education.

We believe that an educated recycler is our best customer.

What You Can Expect From Us

Ships Easily


Shipping is easy – Package your load in Gaylord boxes on pallets, and order a pick-up online or by phone. Then, we will send you the Bill of Lading and Shipping Labels. When your load arrives, we will send you a delivery confirmation with pictures of each box.

Get Paid Quickly

You can choose to take an advance payment within the first 5 days of arrival or wait for payment in 30 – 45 business days when the results of your assay test are final.

Trusted Results

Our process of de-canning, milling, and sampling is exemplary – all weights in and out are balanced. And the assay results you are paid for are verified by the world’s best refining companies.

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United Catalyst Corporation is a processor of scrap catalytic converters offering global refining services. Our recycling solutions are accurate, scientific, and verifiable to ensure the highest earning.

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