United Catalyst Corporation and ScrapRight Integrate to Allow Users Access to Detailed Converter Data

As metal/scrap buying becomes more competitive, the United Ecosystem by UCC allows for detailed pricing live with the metals markets.   GREENVILLE  and PHILADELPHIA, April 10, 2024 / –United Catalyst Corporation, UCC, a precious metal processor, is partnering with recycling management software company, ScrapRight, to give access to the United Ecosystem (UE) BidTool, a converter and scrap […]

The Commodity of Cats: Full-Serve and Self-Serve Yards

Converters are an important commodity to sell for any automotive recycler or scrap metal dealer. I can remember 10 years ago when they appeared less important, just another $50 core. We didn’t talk about converter recycling very much and it certainly didn’t command the attention and spending power of every tradeshow exhibit and magazine ad […]

Platinum Group Metals 2023: Economic and Industrial Factors

Which economic and industrial factors affect the price of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), namely platinum, palladium, and rhodium, which subsequently impacts the price of scrap catalytic converters? A Hedge Against Inflation From an investment perspective, precious metals are non-interest-bearing assets. Investors will sometimes add precious metals to their portfolios as a hedge against inflation, […]

$500m Seized in Nationwide Catalytic Converter Takedown. Know Your Customer more Important than ever. Who are you really doing business with?

On November 2, the Justice Department took down a nationwide catalytic converter theft ring with forfeiture more than $500 million in assets including homes, bank accounts, cash, and luxury vehicles. The Justice Department News stated, “Federal, state, and local law enforcement partners from across the United States executed a nationwide, coordinated takedown today of leaders […]

Five Criteria for Choosing a Converter Recycling Company to Work With

How can you get the most for your converters with a process you can trust? At United Catalyst Corporation, we believe in the benefits of assay-based selling. Since no two converters are the same, and each converter must go through the same refining process, it makes sense to us that recyclers sell converters based on […]

Converter Recycling: Recessionary Vibes, Palladium Surplus Looming

Are you feeling recessionary vibes? Some of the following signs are pointing to a US recession. A rise in interest rates and inflation. An inversion of the yield curve where the 2-year Treasury bill yielding more than the 10-year. A slowdown in consumer spending. The slowing of manufacturing activity. Unemployment is low, a counter signal, […]

The World of Precious Metals: Q1 and Beyond

This past week over two hundred members of a worldwide organization representing every aspect of the precious metals supply chain, from mining and refining to fabrication, recycling, and investment met in Orlando, Florida. The International Precious Metals Institute promotes excellence through education, research, and networking opportunities that drive innovation and advance sustainable practices. The group […]


I HATE the cats. I hear this all the time. Or I hear, I wish the cats would just go away. Then I hear, I love the money, don’t get me wrong. I just hate dealing with the core guys, the collectors, the processors. It’s all become too much. I don’t even want to go […]

2023 Letter to Executive Leaders

I love the time between Christmas and January. For me, it is a time of renewal. A fresh start. It is also a time of reflection on what went well, what went wrong, and where I failed to execute or make a difference. Mostly, it is a time of planning and looking forward personally and […]

Converter Recycling: Hold. Fold. Sell.

In the iconic words of The Gambler, “You’ve got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, and know when to run.” The words of that song feel very true today with the platinum group metal (PGM) prices coming off the highs of 2021 and 2022 and […]