Who We Are

For three decades United Catalyst Corporation has been educating recyclers on how they can get more for their scrap catalytic converters with a process they can trust. We encourage recyclers to sell converters on the assay, the verified analysis of the precious metal contained in the converters. 

Assay-based programs are reliable and can be validated. This approach combined with our precious metals management expertise and commitment to selling metal on highs in any market condition is a winning combination.

We Love Calling Greenville and the Carolinas Home 

UCC’s headquarters and production are located in the Greenville, South Carolina market, nestled up against the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Greenville’s friendly, thriving downtown pulses with things to do year-round. Greenville is a welcoming retreat for visitors of every age and explorers of every type. 

Our Leadership

Becky Berube

Founder, and President 

“At United Catalyst Corporation, we are committed to getting recyclers the most from their converters with a process they can trust. It is more than a slogan, it is our promise to the industry, and we stand behind it.”

Becky Berube has served the recycling community for over thirty years. As United Catalyst Corporation President, she writes a monthly educational column for the industry, serves on the ARA Annual Convention Educational Programming Committee and Peer Mentoring Program, and is Immediate Past President of the International Precious Metals Institute.

Tim Berube

Founder, and Vice-President

“People say perfection is unattainable; at United Catalyst Corporation, we believe it is the standard.”

Tim Berube, Vice President of United Catalyst Corporation, has been mastering the art of converter processing for over 30 years. Since founding the company in 1992, Tim has embodied the unmatched work ethic and attention to detail that sets United Catalyst Corporation apart. Tim now leads our efforts in industrial-technological advancement, construction expansion, and strategic future planning.