At United Catalyst we are committed to getting recyclers the most from their converters with a process they can trust. It’s more than a slogan, it is our promise to the industry and we stand behind it.

– A Word From Our President, Becky Berube

Who We Are

United Catalyst Corporation is a North American processor of scrap catalytic converters that offers global refining services to recyclers.

For more than 25 years United Catalyst has been educating recyclers on how they can get more for their scrap catalytic converters with a process they can trust. The company encourages recyclers to sell converters on assay, the verified analysis of the precious metal contained in the converters less the customary recycling costs.

It promotes the scientific model of selling because it is reliable and can be validated. Moreover, when recyclers learn and understand their key metrics, like price per unit, price per pound, and average weight per unit, it is less likely that they will lose money from unethical trade practices.

This approach combined with United Catalyst’s precious metals management expertise and commitment to selling metal on highs in any market condition is a winning combination.